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Hello, i'm Rose.


I'm a Casting Director & Shamanic Practitioner. 

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I have been holding space for actors and creatives for 16 years in the Film and Television industry alongside exploring & training in holistic, spiritual & shamanic practices since 2011.

Over the past 10 years I have become increasingly passionate about self-care, healing trauma, dissolving outdated conditioning and connecting to a grounded inner power through our relationship to nature.

Born at the start of the 80’s & growing up in the female power movement of the 90's, I learnt a certain ideology of how I should achieve success, equality and power as a woman.

Around 10 years ago, I began a deep self-love journey, which took me to many wild and wonderful places and meeting eclectic characters of the same nature. Travelling into the mind and around the world -  India, South Africa, Canada, US, Israel, Costa Rica, UK & Europe.  Learning with shamans, artists, healers, medicine people, yogis, astrologers, energy workers & somatic practitioners.

Alongside I was Casting for Film and TV, internationally out of London. Co-creating & holding space with actors & creatives, weaving energies at the conception of projects.

In 2018 my body started shouting very loudly to me. To Stop. 

I had been in and out of back pain for 10 years.  And despite having regular treatments to aftercare the pain, it became clear I had not been listening deeply enough to my body.  I was living very much in the land of pushing, achieving & seeking outside of myself for love, power, a sense of belonging and recognition.

I gave up my office in London and let go of my team.  And after taking a few months to heal my back in a more concentrated way, I travelled to South Africa to spend time in the bush. Communing deeply with the Land, the People & the Animals.  I needed to breathe, connect with the rhythms of nature and live in a different way.  On my return to the UK, I began to consciously focus on deepening my relationship with my body, mind & soul.  Alongside my creative business, I started studying in more depth shamanic practices, journeying with ceremonial cacao & womb work.

Cut to March 2020.

I started leading online Nature Medicine Journey's, holding space for others to connect deeper with their own truth and intuition in relation to the natural world.  I began studying Breathwork, was ordained as a Shamanic Minister and spent 6 weeks training on a wild Greek island.

And as I deepen into my own journey,

Exploring what is being called for at this time,

The more I feel the quiet potency of connecting deeply with nature,

Tuning into the creative portal of the Earth

And into my passion to share its power and magic to help others.


Shamanic Breathwork SHIP Level 1 & Mystery School: Star Wolf & Venus Rising*

*I am also a Shamanic Minister legally ordained through Venus Rising Association for Transformation.

Sacred Womb Ceremony Facilitation: Chloe Isidora

Evolutionary Astrology: Kaypacha, Daisy Douglas

Ceremonial Cacao: Keith's Cacao



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