My Journey

I arrived into this world just over 39 years ago.

Around 9 years ago, I began a deep self-love journey, which took me to many wild and wonderful places.

Travelling into the mind and around the world - 

To India, South Africa, Canada, US, Israel, Costa Rica, Europe.
Meeting shamans, artists, healers, medicine people, yogis, astrologers, energy workers, somatic practitioners.

Alongside I was Casting for Film and TV, internationally out of London - 

Co-creating & holding space with actors & creatives - 

Weaving energies at the conception of projects.

In 2018 my body started shouting very loudly to me. To Stop. 

I had a severely herniated disk.

I'd been in and out of back pain for 10 years.
And had not been listening deeply enough

Living very much in the land of pushing, achieving & seeking outside.

A sacrifice was needed.
I gave up my office in London and let go of my team.

After taking a few months to heal in London,

I travelled to South Africa to spend time in the bush, volunteering with the White Lions

Communing with the Land, the People & the Animals.

I needed to breathe, move my body and live in a different way.
Returning to the UK, I moved to the seaside - 

And consciously focussed on deepening my relationship with my body.
Alongside my creative business, I started studying shamanic practices.

I found myself in January 2020, in Iceland, the land of fire and ice, 

A call from my ancestors to Journey here - 

Deeply diving into the soul and physical realms on a Shamanic Journey,

With 50 humans from around the world spanning an age range of the same number.
And in March, just before many of our daily lives transformed,

I went on a beautiful journey with Chloe Isidora.

She initiated myself and three other women into Womb Work.

And as the world went into lockdown and my business & busy-ness paused, 

I delved deeper into the interconnectedness of life, 

And how to connect & integrate the worlds I weave in.

I started training in Shamanic Breathwork and was ordained as a Shamanic Minister.

I took several transformational Journey's online,

connecting with artists & creatives around the world. 

Alongside volunteering at a local food bank.

And as I deepen into my own Journey and Truth

Exploring what is being called for at this time,
The more I feel the quiet potency of this work, 

This way of living.

Connecting to the creative portal of the Earth

The birth & truth of all that is

And into my passion to share its magic.

wild love for the creative soul