⤖ The whole session will be 1.5 hours.

⤖ We will drink our Journey Drink together at the beginning of the call

⤖ The Zoom log in will be sent the day of the Journey & it's possible to connect just by the phone, rather than by the computer if you are Zoom screened out :-)

⤖ At the end I will hold a space for any questions, reflections, comments but there is also no need for any interaction if you prefer to disconnect from technology and connect within. 

⤖ Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

Preparing Your Space

⤖ Prepare your comfy, cosy, quiet, cocoon space where you won’t be disturbed

⤖ Make sure you have enough cushions and a blanket incase you get cold

⤖ Have a little tidy / clean to clear out any stagnant energy

​⤖ Prepare your Journey drink: ceremonial cacao (*see notes to the right), herbal tea, infused water (we will drink together at the start)

⤖ Plus additional glass/cup of water

⤖ A journal + pen, for reflections after

⤖ An eye-mask is a nice additional option, can also use a scarf or similar 

⤖ Headphones can be helpful to connect in more deeply

⤖ Turn off any notifications on your device


⤖ Bring in a plant or flowers in your space

⤖ Burn some sage or palo santo 

⤖ Light a candle

⤖ If you use crystals or have any ornaments which are meaningful to you for this journey, I invite you to have these close to you.

Journey Drink

⤖ If you are not familiar with ceremonial Cacao and would like to find out more, please check out the Cacao page.

⤖ This is not a requirement and you can have a herbal tea or water instead.

⤖ I have been journeying with this plant medicine for a year and a half and I find it a beautiful compliment in connecting deeply with the body’s wisdom. 

wild love for the creative soul