I first met Cacao in her purest form in Costa Rica on 1st January 2018. This was not in a specific ceremony, just the ritual of life, at a local cacao plantation on the Osa Peninsula.

I next remember meeting her in London at an Ecstatic Dance night in Camden towards the end of that year.


When I landed in Margate a few months later, I went to my first Cacao Drum Ceremony with Sorrell Robbins and I was hooked. I spent the next year and a half journeying at regular monthly ceremonies and from March 2020, took this practice online.


I experience the pure ceremonial Cacao as a very nurturing gentle heart opener.


I take around 21g in 250ml most days first thing in the morning and that is just lovely and sets me up well for the day, connecting me to my inner wisdom and to Nature. The 42g is more of a ceremonial dose and this is stronger experience. Something I would only take during ceremony.

I have tried ceremonial caaco from many sources and I would connect with your intuition on this one but as a guide if you are new to it, I find the Tsatsayaku cacao a lovely one to start with - she is a bit more feminine and lighter.


I like buying it in the chunks so then can chop it up #spiritualdrugs ;-)

How to Prepare your Cacao for the Journey


You can make your Cacao up using the following quantities:

~ 42grams per 250ml if you would like to take a shamanic dose and 21-30grams (per 250ml) for a lighter dose (or for those who are affected by caffeine)

~ I’d suggest not to take any other drink containing caffeine during the day of the journey, either before or after. And keep off any alcohol for the 24-48 hours either side of the Journey.


If you need more instructions on preparing - Rebekah Shaman has a very helpful video on preparation:

Cacao Prep

Medical Info


Please avoid cacao if you are on SSRI's or an antidepressants, heavily pregnant, have high blood pressure or heart problems.


Where to Buy


I buy Cacao from Sorrell, Rebekah and Keith - 

all who I have Journeyed with at their Cacao Ceremonies:

Sorrell Robbins

Rebekah Shaman

Keith's Cacao

wild love for the creative soul